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Архив журнала «Social Evolution & History» Версия для печати

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 1, Number 1 / July 2002

Contents    doc   pdf

Tim Ingold
On the Distinction between Evolution and History    doc   pdf

Graeme D. Snooks
Uncovering the Laws of Global History    doc   pdf

Dmitri Bondarenko, Leonid E. Grinin, Andrey V. Korotayev
Alternative Pathways of Social Evolution    doc   pdf

Robert L. Carneiro
Was the Chiefdom a Congelation of Ideas?    doc   pdf

Henri J. M. Claessen
Was the State Inevitable?    doc   pdf

Randall Collins
Geopolitics in an Era of Internationalism    doc   pdf

Declan Quigley
Is a Theory of Caste still Possible?    doc   pdf

Review Essay:

Stephen K. Sanderson
How Chase-Dunn and Hall Got it Almost Right    doc   pdf

Review of Christopher Chase-Dann and Thomas D. Hall, Rise and Demise: Comparing World-Systems

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 2, Number 1 / March 2003

Contents    doc   pdf

Stephen A. Kowalewski
What is the Community? The Long View from Oaxaca, Mexico    doc   pdf

Charles S. Spencer, Elsa M. Redmond
Militarism, Resistance and Early State Development in Oaxaca, Mexico    doc   pdf

Robert M. Carmack
Historical Antropological Perspective on the Mayan Civilization    doc   pdf

Herbert Barry, III
Community Customs Associated with Political Subordination    doc   pdf

Leonid Grinin
The Early State and its Analogues    doc   pdf

Moshe Gammer
‘Proconsul of the Caucasus’: a Re-examination of Yermolov    doc   pdf

Christopher Chase-Dann
Globalization From Below: Toward ? Collectively Rational and Democratic Global Commonwealth    doc   pdf

Review Essay:

Stephen K. Sanderson
The Muse of History and the Science of Culture Review of Robert L. Carneiro    doc   pdf

«Social Evolution & History»Volume 2, Number 2 / September 2003

The Intellectual Legacy of Ernest Gellner

Special Memorial Issue Guest Editor Peter Skalnik

Contents    doc   pdf

Editor's Preface

Andre P. Czeglédy
The Words and Things of Ernest Gellner    doc   pdf

Micha Buchowski
The Social Condition of Knowledge: Gellner and the ‘Postmodernist Menace’    doc   pdf

Chris Hann
Civil Society: the Sickness, Not the Cure?    doc   pdf

Patrick Heady
Gellner's Ideal Kinship Language and the Connection between Biological and Social Relatedness    doc   pdf

Radim Tobolka
Gellner and Geertz in Morocco: a Segmentary Debate    doc   pdf

David Shankland
Gellner and Islam    doc   pdf

Jackie Assayag
How to Become European? The Intellectual Legacy of Ernest Gellner    doc   pdf

Nikolay N. Kradin
Ernest Gellner and Debates on Nomadic Feudalism    doc   pdf

Peter Skalnik
Gellner's Encounter with Soviet Etnografiia    doc   pdf

Peter Skalnik
Ernest Gellner's Legacy: in Favour of Anthropology    doc   pdf

Peter Skalnik
Gellner on Modernity    doc   pdf



«Social Evolution & History» Volume 3, Number 1 / March 2004

Contents    doc   pdf

Alan Barnard
Mutual Aid and the Foraging Mode of Thought: Re-reading Kropotkin on the Khoisan    doc   pdf

Patrick Chabal, Gary Feinman, Peter Skalnik
Beyond States and Empires: Chiefdoms and Informal Politics    doc   pdf

Richard Baum
Ritual and Rationality: Religious Roots of the Bureaucratic State in Ancient China    doc   pdf

Sergey Nefedov
Model of Demographic Cycles in a Traditional Society: the Case of Ancient China    doc   pdf

Stephen A. Kowalewski
The New Past: from Region to Macroregion    doc   pdf

Vitali A. Meliantsev
Russia's Comparative Economic Development in the Long Run    doc   pdf

Melvin Ember and Carol R. Ember
Toward the Evolution of a More Civil World    doc   pdf

Review Essay:
Robert L. Carneiro
Multiple Trajectories in Political Development:    doc   pdf
Review of Jonathan Haas (ed.), From Leaders to Rulers

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 3, Number 2 / September 2004

Contents    doc   pdf


Olena V. Smyntyna
Ecological Explanation of Hunter-Gatherers Behavior: an Attempt of Historical Overview    doc   pdf

Duran Bell
Evolution of Middle Eastern Social Structures: A New Model    doc   pdf

Richard Baum
The Origin of Polities: A Preliminary Inquiry into the Evolution of Command and Control in Human Collectivities    doc   pdf

Leonid E. Grinin
Democracy and Early State    doc   pdf

Donald V. Kurtz
The Evolution of Politics and The Transition from Political Status to Political Office    doc   pdf

Review Essays:

Stephen K. Sanderson
Review of Robert L. Carneiro,
Evolutionism in Cultural Anthropology: A Critical History
    doc   pdf

Dmitri M. Bondarenko
African Studies in Russia: The Present Day in Light of the Past. Review of Natalia B. Kochakova (ed.), Ethnologica Africana. In Memory of Dmitri Alexeyevich Olderogge    doc   pdf

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 4, Number 1 / March 2005

Exploring the Horizons of Big History
Special Issue Guest Editor Graeme Donald Snooks

Contents    doc   pdf


Editor's Preface
Editor's Preface    doc   pdf

Marnie Hughes-Warrington
Big History    doc   pdf

David Christian
Macrohistory: The Play of Scales    doc   pdf

Akop P. Nazaretyan
Big (Universal) History Paradigm: Versions and Approaches    doc   pdf

Fred Spier
How Big History Works:
Energy Flows and the Rise and Demise of Complexity    doc   pdf

Robert L. Carneiro
Stellar Evolution and Social Evolution:
A Study in Parallel Processes    doc   pdf

Graeme Donald Snooks
Big History or Big Theory?
Uncovering the Laws of Life    doc   pdf

Conference Report

Dmitri M. Bondarenko and Oleg I. Kavykin
Third International Conference
‘Hierarchy and Power in the History of Civilizations'
(Moscow, June 18–21, 2004)
    doc   pdf

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 4, Number 2 / September 2005

Contents    doc   pdf


Herbert Barry, III
Social Behaviors Associated with Hereditary Community Leadership    doc   pdf

Dmitri M. Bondarenko
A Homoarchic Alternative to the Homoarchic State:
Benin Kingdom of the 13th – 19th Centuries
    doc   pdf

Thomas D. Hall
Mongols in World-Systems History    doc   pdf

Edward van der Vliet
Polis. The Problem of Statehood    doc   pdf

Henri J. Claessen
Early State Intricacies    doc   pdf

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 5, Number 1 / March 2006

Contents    doc   pdf


Henri J. M. Claessen
Developments in Evolutionism    doc   pdf

Sergey N. Grinchenko
Meta-evolution of Nature System - The Framework of History    doc   pdf

Nikolay N. Kradin
Archaeological Criteria of Civilization    doc   pdf

Anastasia A. Banschikova
Woman in Ancient Egypt: Evolution of Personal and
Social Positions (by Didactic Texts)
    doc   pdf

Yiannis D. Karakatsianis
Some Remarks on the Origins of Absolute Leaders:
The Jacobine Politician and his Role in the Political History
    doc   pdf

Moshe Berent
The Stateless Polis: A Reply to Critics    doc   pdf

Gary B. Magee
As Big as it Gets: ‘Big Theory' and the Collapse of Darwinism    doc   pdf

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 5, Number 2 / September 2006

Contents    doc   pdf


Duran Bell
Bands, Fertility and the Social Organization of Early Humans    doc   pdf

Patrick Manning
Cross-Community Migration: A Distinctive Human Pattern    doc   pdf

Alessandro Guidi
The Archaeology of Early State in Italy    doc   pdf

Donald V. Kurtz
Political Power and Government: Negating the Anthropomorphized State    doc   pdf

Peter Turchin, Andrey Korotayev
Population Dynamics and Internal Warfare: A Reconsideration    doc   pdf

Conference Report

Anastasia A. Banschikova and Oleg I. Kavykin
Fourth International Conference Hierarchy and Power in the History of Civilizations (Moscow, June 13-16, 2006)    doc   pdf

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 6, Number 1 / March 2007

Contents    doc   pdf


Jerry Hanson, Donald V. Kurtz
Ethnogenesis, Imperial Acculturation on the Frontiers, and
the Production of Ethnic Identity: The Genzaro of New Mexico and the Red River Métis
    doc   pdf

Tony Harper
The Utility of Simple Math Models in the Study of Human History    doc   pdf

Francis Heylighen
The Global Superorganism: An Evolutionary-cybernetic Model of the Emerging Network Society    doc   pdf

Graeme Donald Snooks
Self-organisation or Selfcreation? From Social Physics to Realist Dynamics    doc   pdf

Georgi M. Derluguian
Some Ideas about Empires on Europe's Periphery (The Worlds the Portuguese, the Russians, and the Turks Created)    doc   pdf

Review Essay:

Nadejda A. Selounskaia
Review of Christine Suzanne Getz, Music in the Collective Experience in Sixteenth-Century Milan    doc   pdf

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 6, Number 2 / September 2007

Contents    doc   pdf


Robert Bates Graber
Bye-Bye, Baby! A Cultural Evolutionist’s Response to Evolutionary Culture Theorists Complaints    doc   pdf

Herbert Barry III
Wealth Concentration Associated with Frequent Violent Crime in Diverse Communities    doc   pdf

Arno Tausch
War Cycles    doc   pdf

Leonid E. Grinin
Periodization of History: A Theoretic-mathematical Analysis    doc   pdf

Evgeniy A. Shinakov
The Mechanisms of the Old Russian State Genesis    doc   pdf

Paul A. Kruger
The Power of Perceptions: the Ancient Near East as a Case in Point    doc   pdf

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 7, Number 1 / March 2008

Contents    doc   pdf

Preface    doc   pdf

Henri J. M. Claessen
Before The Early State and After: An Introduction    doc   pdf

Dmitri M. Bondarenko
Kinship, Territoriality and the Early State Lower Limit     doc   pdf

Gary M. Feinman
Variability in States: Comparative Frameworks    doc   pdf

Leonid E. Grinin
Early State, Developed State, Mature State: The Statehood Evolutionary Sequence     doc   pdf

Renée R. Hagesteijn
Early States and ‘Fragile States’: 
Opportunities for Conceptual Synergy    doc   pdf

Nikolay N. Kradin
Early State Theory and the Evolution 
of Pastoral Nomads    doc   pdf

Donald V. Kurtz
Social Boundary Networks and the Vertical Entrenchment 
of Government Authority in Early State Formations    doc   pdf

Jean-Claude Muller
Political Structure and its Ritual Expression. 
The Symbolism of Initiation Rites in Two Chiefdoms    doc   pdf

Albert A. Trouwborst
The End of the Early State: The Case of Burundi    doc   pdf

Michał Tymowski
State and Tribe in the History of Medieval Europe 
and Black Africa – a Comparative Approach    doc   pdf

Edward Ch. L. van der Vliet
The Early State, the Polis and State Formation 
in Early Greece    doc   pdf

Jianping Yi
Non-Autocracy in Pre-Qin China    doc   pdf

Henri J. M. Claessen, Renée R. Hagesteijn and Pieter van de Velde 
The Early State Today
Information about contributors    doc   pdf

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 7, Number 2 / September 2008

Contents    doc   pdf


Ken Baskin
Complexity, Foucault, and History as Evolution     doc   pdf

Nicholas C. Peroff
Complexity Theory, Lovelock's Gaia and Tribal Peoples    doc   pdf

Andrey V. Korotayev
Trade and Warfare in Cross-Cultural Perspective     doc   pdf

Tārek M. Muhammad
The Intellectual Greek Influence on the Political Islamic Thought: The Case of Al-Ghazālī    doc   pdf

Vera S. Dubina
‘The Distinction’: Russian nobility and Russian elites in the European context (the 18th–19th Century)    doc   pdf

Tilmann Siebeneichner
Proletarian Myth and Political Mobilization: The ‘Kampf-gruppen der Arbeiterklasse’ (Working-Class Combat Groups) in the GDR 1953–1989/90    doc   pdf

Jérôme Rousseau
Is the Notion of Mode of Production Universally Relevant?..     doc   pdf

Robert B. Graber
Review of Andrey Korotayev, Artemy Malkov, and Daria Khaltourina, Introduction to Social Macrodynamics (Three Volumes)    doc   pdf

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 8, Number 1 / March 2009


Editors' Preface

Special Section
The Early State in Anthropological Theory
Guest Editor Peter Skaln?k

Peter Skaln?k
Early State Concept in Anthropological Theory

Nikolay N. Kradin
State Origins in Anthropological Thought

Leonid E. Grinin and Andrey V. Korotayev
The Epoch of the Initial Politogenesis

Leonid E. Grinin
The Pathways of Politogenesis and Models of the Early State Formation

R. A. L. H. Gunawardana
The Early State and Theorization on the Evolution and Character of the State in Asia:Some Preliminary Observations

Martin A. Klein
Slavery and the Early State in Africa

*** *** ***

Marcus Bussey
Mapping Time: Cartography at the Limits of World History

Sergey V. Dobrolyubov
Theory of Society's Genesis

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 8, Number 2 / September 2009


Guest Editor's Preface

Leonid E. Grinin, Alexander V. Markov, and Andrey V. Korotayev
Aromorphoses in Biological and Social Evolution: Some General Rules for Biological and Social Forms of Macroevolution

Donald V. Kurtz
Gender, Genes, Enculturation: The Origin of Culture and Becoming Human

Han Goo Lee
An Evolutionary Explanation Model on the Transformation of Culture by Cultural Genes

Akop P. Nazaretyan
Technology, Psychology and Catastrophes: On the Evolution of Non-Violence in Human History

Richard E. Blanton and Lane F. Fargher
Collective Action in the Evolution of Pre-Modern States

Peter Turchin and Sergey Gavrilets
Evolution of Complex Hierarchical Societies

Herbert Barry III
Differences between Otherwise Similar Communities Reveal Cultural Linkages with Higher Government Levels

«Social Evolution & History» Volume 9, Number 1 / March 2010



Henri J. M. Claessen
On Early States – Structure, Development, and Fall

Сhristopher Chase-Dunn, Thomas D. Hall, Richard Niemeyer, Alexis Alvarez, Hiroko Inoue, Kirk Lawrence, and Anders Carlson
Middlemen and Marcher States in Central Asia and East/West Empire Synchrony

Santosh C. Saha
Ethnicity as a Resilient Paradigm: Socio-Political Transitions and Ethnic Conflict in Africa

Tony Harper
The Macropattern of Urbanization over the Course of the Last 5000 Years of World-System History

Is Chiefdom a Delusion?
(Discussion of the recent book by Timothy R. Pauketat)

Robert L. Carneiro
Pauketat's Chiefdoms and Other Archaelogical Delusions: A Challenge to Social Evolution

Timothy R. Pauketat
Carneiro's Long Tirade

Robert L. Carneiro
Critique of Pauketat's Volume

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